What people are saying about us: 

"Incredible place! Challenging, fun, great community! All the class workouts are different, the instructors are amazing. More like family than a typical gym. Love this place ❤️"

-Jill L. 

"This place is absolutely incredible. Everyone here works hard and pushes everyone to be their best. Not only are the workouts great but the gym is like a big family. I’ve tried a lot of fitness gyms around Vancouver and this is by the my favorite place."

-Matt P.

"Can’t say enough about this fitness group! The work outs are awesome in the kicking my but kinda way. Karly and Savanna invite you in and welcome you like you a long lost family member. I started with their online boot camp and lost 25 after 2-4 wk rounds. I was officially hooked! Now that I’m going in and working out with them I’m so motivated to push myself further. They keep it fresh and new each time and challenge each person no matter their fitness level. Needless to say the works rock and 100% recommend Therapy Fitness PNW!"
-Melissa A. 

"My favorite part about the gym is how helpful and friendly you guys are. How the workouts are never too easy, even when I feel like I’m getting stronger I can always push myself to be better. The gym community makes me happy and not dread doing a workout. It feels like a team at Therapy rather than a one man show like it is at other gyms. Everything Therapy Fitness has to offer is all I’ve ever wanted but didn’t know was possible at a gym. The people, trainers, and workouts are absolutely fantastic. I may not be a super vocal person but I always have fun here and it helps me big time with stress relief. Can’t say enough about how fantastic everyone is at this gym."

-Tristen B.