Psych Ward: A new level of empowerment.  

Anything freaking goes in this class - Our trainers have full control and creativity over these classes and really let their individual styles shine. This class will get your heart rate up, keep you guessing and drenched in sweat. Empowering, exhilarating and totally addicting, this is your new favorite workout class.  

Style: Think lifting weights, pushing sleds, slider and band work, intense cardio, almost nothing is off limits in this class.  

Who it’s for:  People who love a fast paced workout that varies from day to day, if you get bored easily THIS is the class for you.   This class is easily modifiable and appropriate for all levels.  


Sanity: Train your body and your mind

This fast paced class consists of non impact movements, but don’t let that fool you.  This class will teach and challenge you to perform movements with perfect form while building balance, coordination and toning your body all while improving the mind muscle connection.

Style: Ranges from fast paced but low impact, to a slow and focused burn.
Who it’s for:  This class is great for beginners as well as any one with limitations, or who just doesn’t enjoy high impact work, and those looking to start to build a mind body connection, and increase strength and lean muscle.


Group Therapy: Do work, but not alone

Style: Wanting more focused attention during the workout, but still need *some* human energy and connection? Group Therapy is for you! We will work in groups of 2-4 focusing on strength goals utilizing barbells, kettlebells, and body weight, while finishing off with metabolic conditioning.

Torture Chamber: Dig Deep is our mantra

This high intensity circuit training workout sculpts your body and burns calories like nothing you’ve experienced before. Our trainers inspire you to push your limits while leading you through explosive circuits for the ultimate full body challenge.  

Style:  Any toys in the gym are fair game.  Expect to be whipping ropes, leaping over boxes, swinging kettlebells and so much more!
Who it’s for:  Who it’s for: This is a great class for people who love variety, being drenched in sweat, and want a little extra craziness added to their week.

Anger Management: Gloves are not a fashion statement

Style: This high intensity interval training workout is an athletic full body kickboxing workout that sculpts your body, clears your mind, and completely engages your spirit.  Anger Management uses the fundamentals of a boxers workout; heavy bag training to strengthen and tone your arms, legs, back, core stamina and confidence. You’ll keep your body guessing as our trainers push you to use your personal power in every style of kick and punch throughout each round. 

Who it’s for: This class is great for people who want a full body, calorie scorching workout, without feeling like they are working out.  For those who like to hit things and want an hour to let out their inner badass.  


Rehab: Your body is a temple

Slow down, recover, and move your body in the way it was meant to be moved.  This low impact class focuses on a slow muscle burn especially through the core, as well as stretching the muscles and learning to move your joints through full range of motion to avoid injury and preserve youthful movement.  

Style: Mobility, isometric, deep burn. 

Who it’s for:  People who want to recover and relieve sore muscles and stiff joints, and preserve our bodies so they move well and are pain free.  People who want to keep doing kick ass things until they 80.  


We offer in house childcare Monday through Friday at our 9:30am classes only. PM classes do not offer childcare. 


General Membership: $135

**This is our most popular membership as you get UNLIMITED classes your whole session. 

Punch Card: $150 for 10 classes, ($15 per drop in) OR $230 for 20 classes ($11.50 per drop in)

Drop-in Rate w/out card: $20 per class

ADD-ONS Childcare Drop In: $7 per kid per class Unlimited childcare for single camp session: $40

**Please note that refunds are only given on a case by case basis and will not be given simply because a client chose not to come to classes. 

If you want details please contact us at