Not local? Busy? No worries! 

We have members all over the world and even some in our back yard that can't make it to our classes, but with our vision to change the world, we knew we needed a partner to help us get our workouts to anyone and everyone. 

Therapy Fitness has teamed up with TrueCoach to ensure that you can workout with us any time, no matter where you are. We offer a variety of programming options that you can choose from, or you can trust us to assign you our recommended programming based on an initial consultation with one of our owners. Choose from weight training, body weight and HIIT training, a Yoga course, and so much more. This option also comes complete with a community aspect full of personal development, our best tips and tricks, nutrition help, etc. 

The reviews and results that have come from this app have been absolutely incredible. Its user friendly, has demo videos, and you can chat with or send pictures at any time to your coach. And extremely reasonably priced program complete with flexibility and community equals real, lasting results. 

One month: $35 
Two month bundle: $65
Three month bundle: $95